Smashing Dishes Workshop

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SMASHING DISHES WORKSHOPS: rebuilding our lives with mosaic.


SMASHING DISHES WORKSHOPS: rebuilding our lives with mosaic.


Through the Eyes of a Horse-authentic self-discovery. Equine Gestalt Coach



                    LOOKING BACK-LOOKING FORWARD through the year, through the decade!

This workshop includes the powerful experience of writing down and honoring what has transpired for each of us in this past year and now this decade. What do we want to smash and leave in the dirt, and what do we want to carry forward? Whether it’s perceived failures or profound accomplishments,  positive or self-limiting beliefs we tell ourselves, self-care or self-neglect, unrewarding or loving and supportive relationships, living unfulfilled lives or finding our passions, hopes and dreams.

So much is revealed and healed with this process, along with the real experience of smashing, breaking down what we don’t want, and rebuilding a new vision of  ourselves, for ourselves in a colorful, creative, active way. Commit to self-care and starting your new decade with stress release and insight in the confidential, safe company of like-minded, like-hearted women.



                                                          AND KNEW YOU COULD NOT?

We ALL have reasons for pent up frustration and anger that we often do not have permission to express: to our parents, a partner, or ex-partner, children, to our friends, to our boss, to a perpetrator. Especially as women in our culture, we are taught and encouraged to be silent, “be nice”. We lose our voice, or never had it. And with that our right to speak our truth and emotions in the moment. We swallow the anger, with no safe place to express it, sometimes for years.

If this rings true for you in any way, here is an opportunity to begin to express and release some of that anger and find your voice, in a confidential, safe, creative, colorful, and FUN way! 

We will begin Friday night with a women’s circle of contact, confidentiality, and sharing. Then, Saturday morning we will go to the Smashing Wall in the old cow lean-to I’ve prepared for Smashing Dishes, glasses, and anything you may want to let go of. We’ll gather up the pieces and come into the sunroom. There we will create a mosaic, your kaleidoscope of parts that will begin to metaphorically, literally, put our own pieces back together in a colorful, spontaneous way. No art history necessary.

Come meet my healing horse Skye, and mule, Big Mack. Traveler coming soon in January.

January 10, 2020, Friday evening 6-9;     January 11, 2020, Saturday 9-5. It’s important to be on time

Bring a lunch and snacks. 

Bring any personal items you may want to smash and add to your mosaic.  Other supplies provided

Dress weather appropriate. You will be at a farm.

Snacks, tea, coffee, water provided. Consider bringing your own thermos or water bottle.


Introductory Cost: $95 for the workshop, payable in advance through PayPal. Bring a friend, each get $10 off. Limited to 8 women.  Sign up soon!

Through the Eyes of a Horse-authentic self-discovery.     

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